Friday, January 18, 2013

Be my funny little Valentine

It's almost Valentine's Day - not really. But if you're thinking about giving a card to the one who you are now comfortable enough to fart in front of (or behind of) you really should buy handmade. 

Cause, come on let's face it, Valentine's Day is a silly made-up holiday to make money for dumb companies like Hallmark. Do you know Hallmark uses a by-product from kittens to make their sappy, pulpy schmaltz? Well they don't but they are evil, I'm sure of it.

So order online today to make sure you get the perfect card to surprise Mr or Mrs Object of Your Affection. I have 40 cards in the Esty shop and nearly 20 more here in the Made It shop. And if you think mine stink - then there are hundreds more handmade lovelies on both sites. Tell the big corporations 'it's not you it's me' and buy local or handmade this valentines Day. Muah xoxoxoxo.

From Etsy, here

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