Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cake and eat it too

It's January 1, 2013 and I'm feeling a bit seedy - I only had two beers, I'm totally not piss fit anymore. My liver thanks me. Last night we got home and the faithful hound was nowhere to be seen. We were  so worried about her, I had visions of her being pancaked on the busy road at the top of our street. 

Luckily after a few laps and a bit of calling out 'Sybil' at 1am she came sauntering back home. She must have been spooked by the fireworks - weird as in the ten years I've had her she's never been bothered by them (or thunder) before.

2013 will be filled with baking and nice things - I fee like making lots of cakes and yummy, silly things. I think a lemon meringue pie is first on the list. I have a beautiful pink vintage glass cake stand but I could always use more ...

From here

 From here

From here.
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