Friday, January 11, 2013

Hey hombre keep it down - the Mexican lady date debacle

Last night I went on a Mexican lady date - this involves myself and a lady friend going out to escape shitty TV and to get some beans. Fuck yeah, beans! El Torrito in West End was our legume venue of choice. Unfortunalety for us and our mid-thirties dispositions the tiny little restaurant was being assaulted by a short-statured, sweaty man singing traditional Mexican music REALLY loud.  

I sound like a prude, I know, and I do like a bit of culture, I do - I'm very cultured. But when culture is that fucking loud I just start to get all 'whingey-faced prole' on your ass. Anyway Mr Mariachi took a break to rehydrate - and between the sets of ethic auditory-rape we managed to wolf down some of the vegetarian tacos - they were good and they were cheap. I'd go back - just not on Thursday 'Traditional Mexican Music Night'.  

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drollgirl said...

lol! i can't stand mariachi music. CAN'T STAND IT. and my boyfriend is half mexican and his family has a mexican restaurant (which sometimes features the DREADED MARIACHI), but i told him my feelings on this subject anyway. shoo fly! get away loud and obnoxious band members and singers! we are trying to eat! they are so loud! so IN YOUR FACE! PASS!

and i also hate BEANS. beans of any kind. i can only imagine why my boyfriend's family says about THAT. whatever!

p.s. your comment made me laugh! sorry i am slow to get back to you -- can't seem to get much free time to comment lately!

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