Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I'll just have the pie, thanks

So after a week of Christmas holiday shitty cinema options, today we went to see the much anticipated Life of Pi at the El Dorado. 

"Life Of Pi must be the most beautiful film of the year" says one reviewer. I say yeah, nuh. It does have amazing CGI tigers, zebras and marine life yes - but I need more than 'nice things to look at' if I'm there for the long haul - it's over two hours.

I just didn't really enjoy the story, the characters did nothing to make me feel like I knew or cared for them - the acting was not bad, it was just too wishy bloody washy. I also felt a bit like I was a silly kid being preached to - the underlying religious tone got my eyes a rolling and there was some huffing and puffing. 

A picture may paint a thousand words but I still prefer words. I'm giving it two stars - I would have rather spent my $7 on actual pie.

If you do want to see a great film with stellar dialogue and an actual storyline the three best films I've most recently given Blockbuster $1 for on a Thursday night are;
I won't hold it against you, go see the silly a cappella movie instead...

1 comment:

Jody Pearl said...

Thanks for that - I had a sneaking suspicion it looked too good to be true...I'll wait for the DvD release cos if it goes for that long I might get the ironing done.

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