Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wet weather weekend

So we've been planning a weekend getaway for the last two months, the weather has been so good we just needed to get to the beach for a break. I locked it in and booked an apartment with ocean views in Caloundra. Thanks to some asshole depression named Oswald our weekend away has involved a wild, windy walk along the beach, swimming in the pool while it pisses down, a sauna, and lots of coffee drinking and reading the weekend paper. The early morning beach swims and beach-front dining plans have gone awry. Thank Jebus we brought the coffee machine and the red wine.

Private 2cm plunge pool on the balcony

keeping us sane

epic beach views...



drollgirl said...

d'oh! well at least you got some awesome pictures!

i am heading out of town for an early v-day getaway soon. hoping the weather doesn't go all icky on us, but it probably will. winter! blergh.

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