Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another Jägerbomb sweet pea?

Another Sunday, another post with more reread cards. Yesterday we spent from 9am until about 3pm driving all over looking at houses to buy. Exciting, exhausting and headache inducing. The 'on trend' open house smell is the votive candle and/or oil burner. By my sixth abode of patchouli I was well and truly over it with a headache to boot.

Sunday started out with far less smelly oils and a bit more ra, shanti, shanti with a yoga class and then a quick visit to see my friend's cute baby. On the drive home there were emergency vehicles zooming along Ipswich Road (one moron in front of me stopped and indicated left - she was already in the left lane - people lose their fucking mind when they hear/see an ambulance behind them). 

My street was blocked off with police cars and then it was my turn to freak out. I was so worried it would be our house. Luckily it wasn't but unluckily for someone else there was a house fire about five houses away. We stood outside our house and watched for a bit - people are so moronic at times, there was one guy trying to direct traffic, I could see the cop was just about to bust his chops. I don't think anyone was home or hurt.

Anyway on a lighter note here are some of the new cards I've been working on - I'll be adding some more cards and brooches to Etsy and Made It tomorrow.

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