Monday, February 4, 2013

Be schmaltzy, you know you wanna

I am blogging from my iPad as My Optus broadband is running like yo nana. All weekend it has been so slow that I've flipped my lid a few times and freaked the poor dog out. Anyway, apart from my broadband woes the weather has been amazing so we've spent the weekend eating nice food, reading the paper and enjoying the house in a clean and undoggy-smelling state.

I've been crafting, and making good use of my Lifeline Bookfest finds ... Here are some of the spoils that will be on the website soon and also at my next market. If you need a Valentine's card get on over to my ETSY or Made It shops as I have heaps listed. As a special thanks to my bloggy readers I will add a little gift tag pack to each order from today until 14 February. So get cracking and get schmaltzy ... Muah xoxoxox.

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