Sunday, February 10, 2013

The trip that was - part one

I started a WordPress blog for the trip we took to South East Asia last year but I ended up hating the format etc. so I'm back here on faithful old Blogger. All the posts etc. I added along the way are lost in blog world so I thought I would write a few travel posts here - mainly so I have a written record when I look back when I'm old and sad. That's one of the lovely things about blogging, looking back and rereading posts and feeling all nostalgic.

So to kick things off - It's the first of September and I'm flying out to KL to meet Mr reread who has been in China, Singapore and southern Malaysia for three weeks - boy do I miss him.

After being herded through the LCC airport like a dumb ruminant I was pleased as punch to see a familiar mop of dark curls waiting for me at the arrival 'space' - seriously the LCC terminal in KL is craptastic. We bypass the eager cab drivers who are waving things in our faces and jump on the KLIA bus for about a tenth of the pice at RMB10. 

Once we reach KL Central we drag my big red backpack (I am so getting a wheelie bag) to our hotel in Brickfields and head out for some food. I'm like 'let's get some posh food' - really I should know by now to just eat where the taxi drivers eat, it's cheap, good and no fuss. The place we went to was overpriced and just a bit shitty really. Pinchos - give it miss and don't believe everything you read on TripAdvisor (especially in Asia).

We spent two nights in KL - did the Batu Caves - take the train out there for RMB1, total bargain - walked around, went to the bird park, errr yeah about that. The bird park, unless you like to see large raptors in small cages in 30 degree heat I'd give it a miss. I found it very distressing and not at all what I was expecting.

We took the bus to Penang and then made our way to Batu Ferringhi. It seems to have changed a lot since our last visit, more touristy and not quite as nice a feel to it. Next time I think we'll try Georgetown or Langkawi. We did have a nice time though, sitting in small beach-side joints enjoying some beer and satay sticks... listening to Adele. OMFG what is with the shitty pop and Adele craze, we ended up having to leave one place as they thought it would be a good idea to play Adele really loud on loop after we'd sat down and ordered a beer. We watched the ladies in full burka zinging along on jet skis and said 'no' to the horseride, banana boat, speedboat, parasail offers and planned out next stop - Thailand.

This is my 'barely coping with the Adele CD' face.
It was very pretty when the jet skis stopped.
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