Sunday, March 31, 2013

and it was all varying shades of yellow

Firstly - I hate that song, secondly I hate that god-damn band. Now we've got that out of the way let's talk about yellow. I've been on a bit of a washi tape, bakers twine jaunt of late. I've been buying it out the wazoo, as instead of using a glue on my handmade envelopes I am now just attaching a length of washi tape to seal it - much easier than painting a strip of glue on each one and then waiting for it to dry. 

Washi tape comes in many colours, a lot of yellows as does the bakers twine ... very pretty stuff. I am going to use it for my handmade gift tags - I've previously been using twine from op-shops, however I feel like using some colour and figure it's okay to add some store-bought twine.


it's business time

Last night after watching a few episodes of the fourth season of OZ and eating salted caramel popcorn we decided to dress the dog up - as you do. Sybil is wearing a cotton Rodney Clarke shirt from Vinnies that I normally wear as my PJs - she is also staring at a dog biscuit.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

dumplings oh, my love

We made dumplings for lunch - yum, yeah. They're so easy, these ones were just cabbage, garlic, coriander, carrot, minced beef and a sprinkle of cardamom. I prefer them steamed to fried - and we dipped them in our super spicy kick-ass dipping sauce of soy, honey, fish sauce, chilli, more chilli and then a whack of lime juice. I also love the little platter we serve them on as it reminds me of holidays.

saturday landscapes

It's Easter so of course the weather is clouding over and it looks like it will rain, which is fine as we're not at the beach. I just hope that the rain stays away next weekend for my market - you can come visit me there from 10am until 4pm at South Bank on Sunday, 7 April - more info on the Young Designers Market here.

These landscape cards will be there, I always made them portrait until my mum came down and started making them with me and she was making them landscape/portrait willy nilly. She said why waste a good image that won't fit on the card that way? I guess she was right, mums are pretty cool.

Friday, March 29, 2013

easter friday sweet tooth

Four days to get crafty - I'm busy making things for my next market on Sunday, 7 April at South Bank, the Young Designers market from 10am to 4pm. Come say hi!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

bunny easter hoots

Firstly woo hoo. Four days to craft, consume tea, ride bikes and take the fool dog for walks in the bush. Easter is great, thank god for that Jesus fellow huh.

Images from Pinterest, click for the links

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

OMG ducklings

I have a wee little duck family that I see each morning on my way to work. Ducklings are the cure to Mondayitis, Tuesdayitis and many other aliments I've found. Seriously, who doesn't love god-damn duckling.

romance, 70s style

My last trip to the Tip Shop garnered some lovely 70s Mills and Boon novels. There were three huge boxes of the things and I had to limit myself to a few as I need to use up the books I keep buying before I buy more. Some of the covers are just great, so cheesy! Theses little gems are currently being made into my next batch of cards ... stay tuned I'll put new cards up over the weekend.

Monday, March 25, 2013

tip shop terrarium

The long awaited Tip Shop terrarium is here. I have been gathering moss (not metaphorically) for the last two weeks. One piece I carried for 2km while we walked the dog trough Iron Bark gully, mr reread   said 'you must really want that moss'. I did. The other moss I gathered from a garden and the collection has been sitting - quite happily I might add - in a plastic zip-lock bag on the verandah waiting for a home. This weekend I finally got out to the Tip Shop and got a hold of a few glass jars for my mini, mossy gardens. I assembled the thing today using sand I collected in my sun hat from the Pine River and a wee ibex that was in a 50 cent bag of plastic toys from Lifeline. I love it!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

little bro and the weekend that was

My brother phoned me at about 9pm on Friday - 'I'm coming to Brisbane. Tomorrow." So he's here and we've spent the weekend driving all over the place, swimming, eating and drinking coffee. 

On Saturday we went to Mooloolaba and had some fresh prawns in the sun ... yum. After a day in the sun we took the nut-job dog for a lap of Toohey Forest and then headed to West End for dinner. Quan Thanh - was brilliant, as always I had the staple, Bun Bo Xao. After a hit of Vietnamese goodness it was time for churros .. so we headed to San Churro to give the old pancreas a hiding. 

Today we took a tour of the Tip Shop and I scored some 70s Mill's and Boon novels - love the covers on these old ones and a few wooden 'wine barrel' type pots. Then it was the cultural epicentre - Bunnings - for some potting mix and seedlings to boost my herb quota.

After a good tip rummage we headed out to Dayboro for lunch and to take Sybil for a swim - the day was so nice we all went for a swim - in our Reg Grundies. 

All in all we had a cracker of a weekend, the weather was great and the dog is all tuckered out ... boom.


Saturday, March 23, 2013

bags... you're it

I've taken some photos of another batch of kids' bags - they are harder to photograph tham you might think. Some Etsy and Made It seller get really awesome shots of their stuff - I'm getting there, but the shots are not quite perfect. Any hints or tips on photographing bags for online shops?

Friday, March 22, 2013

my april market

I got in to the next Young Designers Market 0n Sunday, 7 April. I've not done a market for a while as they were getting a bit too much with work and moving house etc. 

Fingers crossed the weather is good and I hope shoppers are a little more 'loose' with the purse stings - of late shoppers have been doing a lot of looking, not so much shopping

So if you're around on the first Sunday of the month come and say hi and have a look (and buy something!) More info on the markets here...

These two little shit stirrers will be there

Thursday, March 21, 2013

the big spill that never was

So today was an interesting day in Australian politics ... sheesh.

my mum made this

My lovely mum sent me a demo for a new card idea - it's an old card made with a page from a romance novel and a cut-out from a vintage linen tea towel ... what say you? I think it's pretty rad.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

what a sweetheart

I have been staving off a cold since Monday so I've been feeling pretty average - and when I feel average I whine. Even with the whining and sooky la la business mr reread still thinks I'm swell. I arrived home today and the kitchen was clean and he had left a note complete with 'just add water' cup of tea. What a sweetie.

Halfway on handmade

Back here I mentioned I wanted to buy a silly new pair of runners from money I earned selling my handmade stuff on Esty and Made It. Well I'm halfway - I'm never going to run an empire or buy a pony with the money I make from selling handmade things, but it pays for petrol once a month and the occasional pair of neon shoes - so I'm happy.

Thank you to all the ovely people who read my blog and who have bought my handmade items (or any handmade items for that matter) - you all rock xoxox.

Latest editions on Made It...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fly away birdies and who's a pretty bhoy then

Last night I went to see Danny Bhoy's Dear Epson... show at the Powerhouse. As always the lanky Scotsman did not disappoint. The show had many a punter nodding knowingly to their peer or partner as he read out the letters of complaint. 

The first letter, aptly the one to Epson, had me doing a bit of the ol' noddy nod to my significant ragey other re the ink! No spoilers - but the gist of it is that printer ink and printers in general are designed to f*ck you up the arse - something you are unaware of while standing in Harvey Norman like a stale bottle of piss asking 'so, what's a good printer?'

Turns out the 'eco' HP thing we ended up with has a cartridge designed by freakin NASA and it knows when you try to just refill it with your own ink and a syringe stolen from Queensland Health. The fuckers put a chip on the cartridge - you refill it and put it back in and it's all like 'no, no, no, I don't think so cheapskate'. We spent about an hour trying to override the bloody chip - to no avail.

Also about three quarters of the way through he told a little ditty about a falling in love in a bar in NYC - for three or so minutes every lassie and maybe some of the lads, in that room were picturing themselves at that bar. Ah, swoon.

Anyway, enough about sexy stand-up comics and more about the new tags I've made this week and loaded onto my Made It shop. Awe, they're so cute.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Taking the new wheels for a spin

So we bought a ute. No, not a stupid Jeep, a ute. It's the biggest car in the world, well it feels like that after trading in my Suzuki Swift. I am still a wee bit tentative parking the thing - I feel like I need a guy in a reflective vest behind me waving me into a space and redirecting carpark traffic.

The good news is Sybil is stoked! When we drove it into the carport she new it was designed for her to ride in and and be a total menace from. It must be in Kelpie DNA, the ute thing? We took her for a burn out to Dayboro for a swim and run in the mud - let's just say she was as happy as a pig in ....

On Saturday we left the ute hound at home and took the new über car to Noosa and Mooloolaba. It was such a beautiful day at the beach. We live in an amazing part of the world and the sun and saltwater were much needed after the stint of shithouse weather we've had.

On the way back to Brisbane we took a detour through the pine forest - mainly just to get mud all over the wheel arches and to test out the suspension - we let our inner bogan loose - and the inner bogan was happy.

1. Me à la bogan with said menace
2. Solar flare in the pine forest
3. All lined up in a row
4. Looks very Black Forest, but was actually very un Black Forest.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Market day at the gaol

Today we took ourselves off to check out the Boggo Road market. Apart from an encounter with a wanker in the carpark incident that involved a bit of name calling and eye rolling the markets were great! Lovely fresh fruit and veg, coffee, tacos and an old dude getting stuck into some yodelling. 

After a lap and a bag of herbs and veggies we'd had about enough 'old man with a death rattle' yodelling so we made a move. We will be back - and I might even have a crack at being a marketeer as the 'handmade' was looking all rather imported.

1. Massive bunches of herbs, three for $5
2. Fresh garlic ciabatta, straight off the hot stone in the portable oven!
3. Bag o' limes for $2.50
4. Sybil hoping we brought back some sausages - no luck doggo.

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