Sunday, March 31, 2013

and it was all varying shades of yellow

Firstly - I hate that song, secondly I hate that god-damn band. Now we've got that out of the way let's talk about yellow. I've been on a bit of a washi tape, bakers twine jaunt of late. I've been buying it out the wazoo, as instead of using a glue on my handmade envelopes I am now just attaching a length of washi tape to seal it - much easier than painting a strip of glue on each one and then waiting for it to dry. 

Washi tape comes in many colours, a lot of yellows as does the bakers twine ... very pretty stuff. I am going to use it for my handmade gift tags - I've previously been using twine from op-shops, however I feel like using some colour and figure it's okay to add some store-bought twine.



Åpent^hus said...

washi tape is fun
great finds, btw

best wishes


The colour of that twine is so happy! A blessed Easter season to you and yours :)

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