Saturday, March 2, 2013

Desk job, desk garden

Yes, I am now one of those people who adorn their desk with cutsie pieces of stationery and knickknacks. For my new job I went out and purchased Swedish stationery in shades of pink, an owl who holds my pens and pencils and now I think I need a desk plant. 

The office I'm in has a huge very sexy Mac (you literally need to turn your head to look from one side of the monitor to the other) and a window - the drawback is that the room looks as though it was built for storage in WWII. So to brighten it up and ensure I look as much like a fluffy comms bunny as possible I am about to embark on 'all things terrarium'. No heated rocks and reptiles - just moss, vintage glass and some op-shoped plastic figurines. 

This weekend is far too wet to be heading out to thrift stores and Bunnings (that place is soul destroying enough on a dry day) so I'm at home with tea looking at Etsy for damp, verdant inspiration.

Cute little number from 

These remind me of tilt shift photos - 

Some seriously cute ones n this little shop - 

If you're all geared up to buy and live in Oz, is in Melbourne!

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