Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fly away birdies and who's a pretty bhoy then

Last night I went to see Danny Bhoy's Dear Epson... show at the Powerhouse. As always the lanky Scotsman did not disappoint. The show had many a punter nodding knowingly to their peer or partner as he read out the letters of complaint. 

The first letter, aptly the one to Epson, had me doing a bit of the ol' noddy nod to my significant ragey other re the ink! No spoilers - but the gist of it is that printer ink and printers in general are designed to f*ck you up the arse - something you are unaware of while standing in Harvey Norman like a stale bottle of piss asking 'so, what's a good printer?'

Turns out the 'eco' HP thing we ended up with has a cartridge designed by freakin NASA and it knows when you try to just refill it with your own ink and a syringe stolen from Queensland Health. The fuckers put a chip on the cartridge - you refill it and put it back in and it's all like 'no, no, no, I don't think so cheapskate'. We spent about an hour trying to override the bloody chip - to no avail.

Also about three quarters of the way through he told a little ditty about a falling in love in a bar in NYC - for three or so minutes every lassie and maybe some of the lads, in that room were picturing themselves at that bar. Ah, swoon.

Anyway, enough about sexy stand-up comics and more about the new tags I've made this week and loaded onto my Made It shop. Awe, they're so cute.

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kuber... said...

Or like this one - the ol' Epson 'So all 5 of your colours have run out but you only want to print in black (which is full, BTW)... SCREW YOU!' thing?
I too wrote to complain!

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