Sunday, March 24, 2013

little bro and the weekend that was

My brother phoned me at about 9pm on Friday - 'I'm coming to Brisbane. Tomorrow." So he's here and we've spent the weekend driving all over the place, swimming, eating and drinking coffee. 

On Saturday we went to Mooloolaba and had some fresh prawns in the sun ... yum. After a day in the sun we took the nut-job dog for a lap of Toohey Forest and then headed to West End for dinner. Quan Thanh - was brilliant, as always I had the staple, Bun Bo Xao. After a hit of Vietnamese goodness it was time for churros .. so we headed to San Churro to give the old pancreas a hiding. 

Today we took a tour of the Tip Shop and I scored some 70s Mill's and Boon novels - love the covers on these old ones and a few wooden 'wine barrel' type pots. Then it was the cultural epicentre - Bunnings - for some potting mix and seedlings to boost my herb quota.

After a good tip rummage we headed out to Dayboro for lunch and to take Sybil for a swim - the day was so nice we all went for a swim - in our Reg Grundies. 

All in all we had a cracker of a weekend, the weather was great and the dog is all tuckered out ... boom.


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