Sunday, March 17, 2013

Market day at the gaol

Today we took ourselves off to check out the Boggo Road market. Apart from an encounter with a wanker in the carpark incident that involved a bit of name calling and eye rolling the markets were great! Lovely fresh fruit and veg, coffee, tacos and an old dude getting stuck into some yodelling. 

After a lap and a bag of herbs and veggies we'd had about enough 'old man with a death rattle' yodelling so we made a move. We will be back - and I might even have a crack at being a marketeer as the 'handmade' was looking all rather imported.

1. Massive bunches of herbs, three for $5
2. Fresh garlic ciabatta, straight off the hot stone in the portable oven!
3. Bag o' limes for $2.50
4. Sybil hoping we brought back some sausages - no luck doggo.

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