Monday, April 29, 2013

Das wedding, das countdown...

A little under two weeks and I'm off to the land of sausage and steins for a German country wedding. I have made all the name tags (to be tied to the wine glasses) with a few spare so the bride-to-be can pick and choose which tag goes with what drunk aunt or weird cousin. 

Before I fly out I need to find myself a new suitcase - as there is no way I'm taking my faithful old red backpack - there's an age you get to when you decide your luggage needs wheels and also possibly needs to match. Apparently I have reached that age.

Looks like this Friday will be a late-night shopping expedition in the city followed by a dinner date - and so wheeling my luggage to dinner, classy.

Friday, April 26, 2013

A little test of my tolerance

Yesterday Mr reread and I walked to the Tarragindi ANZAC service, as did many other people from the neighbourhood. A whole gaggle of peeps from the hood also thought it was cool to take their yappy dogs and Cheerio-loaded children. 

I think it's nice that the community was there and that people brought their kids along - BUT - if you cannot ask your kids to 'be quiet and listen' for a whole half an hour out of their entire god-damn day then leave them at home with the TV and a box of cereal FFS. 

I know the really little ones cry etc. but these kids were old enough to know the phrase 'OMG come over her, look at me ... ' so they were old enough to know 'be quiet and listen'. There were some good kids who were draped over shoulders being all quiet and cute - maybe they were drugged.

Please keep your devil spawn at home...

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday's card

I am pooped. Today I spent four and a half hours walking around with photography equipment on a pair of legs that not 24 hours before had done one of those silly ABT classes. ABT stands for abs, butt, thighs - and was basically just 45 minutes of a woman yelling at us to 'get lower' - squat, after squat, after god-damn squat. I can't walk down stairs 'forward' today I have to kind of crab walk. That's why this post is short and only has a photo of a card ... you can buy this in my shop BTW, xxxx sore-ass lady.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

8km to Oblivion

After our tour de APT on Sunday we decided it was way too much of a nice day to not be outside - so we walked into the Valley for beer and chips at Fat Boys. To walk 4km for chips seems silly, but I'm sure we burned some calories and I'd rather eat at Fat Boys than any of the grotty inner city places.

4km back via City Hall (we had a look inside at the newly renovated spaces - beautiful) and then to the Barracks for pizza and a film. The film of choice for the night Oblivion.

So, I like Tom Cruise about as much as I like swallowing a fly while jogging, however I do grant the man can act. I know he's a fruit loop who has been known to couch jump and rant about a religion devised by a LSD taking even fruitier  loop, but I actually quite enjoyed this film.

I don't like Sci Fi at the best of times. Avatar - not only was this film like some weird Pocahontas ilk with blue people but it was in vom vom 3D, I fucking hate 3D - my whole life is in 3D - I'll take my cinema in 2D thanks. Tron - this was a two-hour long saga come advert for Ducati with some mediocre acting and a paradox thrown in for good Sci Fi measure. Prometheus - I got lost in the story line half way in and the whole self aborting an alien baby scene was just seriously, fucked up.

I could go on.

Oblivion was thoroughly enjoyable, this may have been due to the two beers, a wine and bag of coloured popcorn - which I later found out was only 43% popcorn, so should have been named 'popcorned colour' - that I had ingested throughout. I think the main selling point was the lovely house in the clouds Tom and his wifey share while protecting earth from scavengers or some such thing - I was totally adding a few Marimekko throw cushions and an Eames chair to that room in my head. 

I give it four out of high GI and alcohol influenced stars. Also the last 15 or minutes make absolutely no sense at all - just roll with it.

APT thanks for the memories

The Asia Pacific Triennial is on at GoMA once every three years (funny that) and I've been to each one so far. In 2010 I celebrated my 30th birthday early with my lovely other half at the APT 2010 as he was  going to be in Colombia on my actual birthday.

This year we went back and we only just made it - we caught the last day of the exhibition - it was worth it, so many awesome exhibits.

Monday, April 15, 2013

bokeh, say what?

I really like anything bokeh at the moment - I am going to have stab at getting some nice images next weekend after some research and a fiddle with my camera. I took these on Sunday when the sun finally came out - basically this was just me using manual focus and settings with a shallow depth of field - not technically bokeh, but still pretty.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

going to the vet sucks

poor old sybil had to go to the vet this week to take out a cyst on her back, i was worried it was pressing into her spine. what a trooper! dogs are so tough and i love her for being so optimistic even when she has a what looks like a meat axe wound about 10cm long on her back, ugh, shudder.

we had to take her back for a three-day check up yesterday and as soon as she walked in to the vet reception area she started to shake and try to escape (thank goodness for linoleum floors). 

the vet gave her the all clear and she's now off the pain killers and on the floor next to me. best $185 dollars i ever spent (that's how much she cost from the rspca nine years ago, the operation was waaaayyyyyy more!)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

cafe o mai, oh my!

yum. if you're a resident of the good burb of annerley then you will need to take yourself off for a weekend breakfast at this cute little corner jaunt - cafe o mai.

firstly, i was hanging for a vietnamese coffee. if you've travelled in south east asia then you'll know the haunting cravings one develops for sweet, buttery coffee and the coffee at o mai really hit the spot. you can have it iced or straight-up hot - delicious either way.

for breakfast noms i opted for the aunty five's baked eggs - looks like a dogs breakfast, tastes like breakfast heaven. pork sausage is pretty hard-up first thing in the morning, but the hit of fresh vietnamese  seasonings lightens it up - i think i tasted lemongrass and coriander. 

mr reread (restaurant breakfast critic with a penchant for sour reviews) liked what he saw and what he tasted. the fried zucchini and corn fritters were all that, he said he really enjoyed it - and he's a hard breakfast man to please. so the long and short of it - go get yourself a table and eat up.  

1. menu please
2. pretty water jug
3. vietnamese coffee
4. my 'dog's breakfast'
5. mr reread's fritters
6. cafe interior

birdsnest, I likey

I've been a browser on for a long time but as the Autumn evenings begin to get a little nippy in my summer skirts I decided I needed some warmer clothes and purchased my first birdy batch.

I must say I am impressed. The clothes where delivered in two days (postage was cheap too, only $4) they fit well and they were packed-up nicely. I was a bit worried about the 'not trying before buying' thing - however my market neighbour at last week's  YDM was telling me she buys from them and it's no hassle to send back anything that doesn't fit.

So far so good ... I think they've just found a return customer!

1. Sybil admiring me in my new pants
2. Me telling Sybil about my new pants from birdsnest, black jellies ($2) from the Tip Shop, neon yellow linen top (reduced to $15) Sportsgirl, Hot Toffee necklace and jade bangle from Beijing.

Saturday, April 6, 2013


I'm trying to get organised for my market tomorrow and this crappy weather isn't doing much for the organising or my disposition. If you're out and about tomorrow the Young Designers Market will be on from 10am until 4pm at South Bank - more info here.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

island paradise to bangkok

Confucius say man who walk though airport doors sideways is going to Bangkok - part three of our 2012 trip around south east Asia. 

After a gorgeous few days on Koh Samui we left for Surat Thani train station and the overnight train to Bangkok.

It's a slow, delayed, smelly way to travel but I have a real soft spot for the old clickety clack of train travel. Train travel through Asia is fun, reliable and cheap - I thoroughly recommend it if you're not a total princess.  

The long and very slow arrival over the last few kilometres of track into Bangkok's grand old Hua Lamphong Railway Station is amazing. It's the second time mr reread and I have done it and I'd do it again., I feel very nostalgic looking at these photos again. 

The train arrives early morning so you wake up to yellow morning light over rice fields and greenery. As you get closer to the city more and more houses, construction and mopeds can be seen out the window. And as you reach the outer city districts you sit there looking out onto homes built on the rail line. People sitting at arms length having a morning smoke or breakfast. Markets and food stalls that are set up on the tracks are quickly packed down, moved and them reassembled as the train rolls on.

1. Surat Thani station
2. Me inspecting my camera lens for some reason..
3. Hello Bangkok
4. Hot shower, washed hair, bliss - time to get some food.

Monday, April 1, 2013

here comes the bride...

... all fat and wide, tripped on a banana peel and went for a ride. How do we remember these stupid childhood jingles? Brides and childhood - these go together right now, not in an overweight lady going arse-over-tit way - more me being bridesmaid for my childhood bestie in Germany. I'm doing a flying ten-day in and out visit in May woo hoo! I'm also making the little name tags to tie to the wine glasses. I love weddings and not just for the free booze ...    

The tags are made from vintage children's books - the theme is Spring, so I'm trying to use 'springy' things. The words are from 70s romance novels - I found one with a 'Holly' as the sappy female love interest, the bride-to-be is also a Holly 

... this first one is for the groom - obviously!

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