Tuesday, April 16, 2013

8km to Oblivion

After our tour de APT on Sunday we decided it was way too much of a nice day to not be outside - so we walked into the Valley for beer and chips at Fat Boys. To walk 4km for chips seems silly, but I'm sure we burned some calories and I'd rather eat at Fat Boys than any of the grotty inner city places.

4km back via City Hall (we had a look inside at the newly renovated spaces - beautiful) and then to the Barracks for pizza and a film. The film of choice for the night Oblivion.

So, I like Tom Cruise about as much as I like swallowing a fly while jogging, however I do grant the man can act. I know he's a fruit loop who has been known to couch jump and rant about a religion devised by a LSD taking even fruitier  loop, but I actually quite enjoyed this film.

I don't like Sci Fi at the best of times. Avatar - not only was this film like some weird Pocahontas ilk with blue people but it was in vom vom 3D, I fucking hate 3D - my whole life is in 3D - I'll take my cinema in 2D thanks. Tron - this was a two-hour long saga come advert for Ducati with some mediocre acting and a paradox thrown in for good Sci Fi measure. Prometheus - I got lost in the story line half way in and the whole self aborting an alien baby scene was just seriously, fucked up.

I could go on.

Oblivion was thoroughly enjoyable, this may have been due to the two beers, a wine and bag of coloured popcorn - which I later found out was only 43% popcorn, so should have been named 'popcorned colour' - that I had ingested throughout. I think the main selling point was the lovely house in the clouds Tom and his wifey share while protecting earth from scavengers or some such thing - I was totally adding a few Marimekko throw cushions and an Eames chair to that room in my head. 

I give it four out of high GI and alcohol influenced stars. Also the last 15 or minutes make absolutely no sense at all - just roll with it.

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