Friday, April 26, 2013

A little test of my tolerance

Yesterday Mr reread and I walked to the Tarragindi ANZAC service, as did many other people from the neighbourhood. A whole gaggle of peeps from the hood also thought it was cool to take their yappy dogs and Cheerio-loaded children. 

I think it's nice that the community was there and that people brought their kids along - BUT - if you cannot ask your kids to 'be quiet and listen' for a whole half an hour out of their entire god-damn day then leave them at home with the TV and a box of cereal FFS. 

I know the really little ones cry etc. but these kids were old enough to know the phrase 'OMG come over her, look at me ... ' so they were old enough to know 'be quiet and listen'. There were some good kids who were draped over shoulders being all quiet and cute - maybe they were drugged.

Please keep your devil spawn at home...

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