Saturday, April 13, 2013

cafe o mai, oh my!

yum. if you're a resident of the good burb of annerley then you will need to take yourself off for a weekend breakfast at this cute little corner jaunt - cafe o mai.

firstly, i was hanging for a vietnamese coffee. if you've travelled in south east asia then you'll know the haunting cravings one develops for sweet, buttery coffee and the coffee at o mai really hit the spot. you can have it iced or straight-up hot - delicious either way.

for breakfast noms i opted for the aunty five's baked eggs - looks like a dogs breakfast, tastes like breakfast heaven. pork sausage is pretty hard-up first thing in the morning, but the hit of fresh vietnamese  seasonings lightens it up - i think i tasted lemongrass and coriander. 

mr reread (restaurant breakfast critic with a penchant for sour reviews) liked what he saw and what he tasted. the fried zucchini and corn fritters were all that, he said he really enjoyed it - and he's a hard breakfast man to please. so the long and short of it - go get yourself a table and eat up.  

1. menu please
2. pretty water jug
3. vietnamese coffee
4. my 'dog's breakfast'
5. mr reread's fritters
6. cafe interior

1 comment:

nadine paduart said...

i'll say! great pics!

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