Sunday, April 14, 2013

going to the vet sucks

poor old sybil had to go to the vet this week to take out a cyst on her back, i was worried it was pressing into her spine. what a trooper! dogs are so tough and i love her for being so optimistic even when she has a what looks like a meat axe wound about 10cm long on her back, ugh, shudder.

we had to take her back for a three-day check up yesterday and as soon as she walked in to the vet reception area she started to shake and try to escape (thank goodness for linoleum floors). 

the vet gave her the all clear and she's now off the pain killers and on the floor next to me. best $185 dollars i ever spent (that's how much she cost from the rspca nine years ago, the operation was waaaayyyyyy more!)

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