Wednesday, April 3, 2013

island paradise to bangkok

Confucius say man who walk though airport doors sideways is going to Bangkok - part three of our 2012 trip around south east Asia. 

After a gorgeous few days on Koh Samui we left for Surat Thani train station and the overnight train to Bangkok.

It's a slow, delayed, smelly way to travel but I have a real soft spot for the old clickety clack of train travel. Train travel through Asia is fun, reliable and cheap - I thoroughly recommend it if you're not a total princess.  

The long and very slow arrival over the last few kilometres of track into Bangkok's grand old Hua Lamphong Railway Station is amazing. It's the second time mr reread and I have done it and I'd do it again., I feel very nostalgic looking at these photos again. 

The train arrives early morning so you wake up to yellow morning light over rice fields and greenery. As you get closer to the city more and more houses, construction and mopeds can be seen out the window. And as you reach the outer city districts you sit there looking out onto homes built on the rail line. People sitting at arms length having a morning smoke or breakfast. Markets and food stalls that are set up on the tracks are quickly packed down, moved and them reassembled as the train rolls on.

1. Surat Thani station
2. Me inspecting my camera lens for some reason..
3. Hello Bangkok
4. Hot shower, washed hair, bliss - time to get some food.

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