Sunday, May 5, 2013

Totes on sale for post 550!

Woo hoo, 550 posts about silly things like my idiot dog and brooches - I totally rock the drivel blog scene. So two cool things are happening this week - the 550th post of course and I fly out to Germany for my first ever bridesmaid gig... rockin.

My little Etsy and Made It shops will be offline from 11 May until 22 May while I am away. Until I leave I have 25% off everything in both shops - that's awesome.

Click here for my Made It shop with almost 100 handmade items all on sale.

Click here for my Esty shop - just use 'Holidays' at the checkout for the 25% off.

Here are some of the last name tags I made for the wedding - as she (the bride) is an Aussie getting hitched in Germany I thought it would be nice to have a few Australian-themed tags. The first one is obviously not for an old German Oma. 

They're all bundled up in little envelopes sealed with washi tape - I seriously love washi tape.

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