Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tip Shop finds from today, a lovely sunny Saturday

We are aiming to go camping sometime soon as Mr reread is dead keen on taking the new wheels to the country. We have a tent, air mattress, fuel burner, table, chairs, marquee (market girl is a handy camper!) but no esky .. until today.

We looked at a few at the camping shops and they were all at least $50, Mr reread was not keen shelling out for a glorified styrofoam box and suggested we thrift it up - good suggestion. The Tip Shop had about eight to choose from and we opted for two really cool retro 'coolibah' ones - and they were made in Melbourne!

I also picked up a drink chiller for my yoghurt - so now I can stand the glass jar upright while it sets - a huge whiteboard for the future office and a very cool hinged lamp - all for $52. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon reading Frankie in the sun with tea and then a spot of crafting.

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