Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bears' picnic, a Rand McNally junior elf book

Naw, how cute. Card making today and these little bears will be making their debut. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

A little bit of Ipswich Road shopping

It's a cracker of a day in Brisbane today, so I took a turn along Ipswich road for some op-shopping and a look-see in the lovely Handmade Highstreet. I came back with a nice little collection of loot.

* Bias binding for bunting to go in my Etsy and Made It shops from the Asthma Foundation op-shop
* Vintage Pyrex bowl from the Asthma Foundation op-shop also from Asthma Foundation op-shop
* $5 worth of Tuckfield's Teas Australiana bird series collector's cards from Southside Antiques Centre
* From Handmade Hightstreet a Rambo card for the MR from Monster Planet Design, a fabric necklace, a teacup from Turning Earth Ceramics and a copy of Extra Curricular.

And then on the way home I felt like a snack so I picked up a $6 bánh mì from Cafe O-Mai ... yum.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Woodland tales ... OMFG cute

I picked up three books from the 'Woodland series' at the last Lifeline Bookfest and they are so darn cute I am not sure what to do with them? The books are Roly-Poly Bear, Tabby and Tommy and Ginger the Foundling. I thought of making them into 'sets' of something - maybe bunting for a kid's room? Who doesn't love bunting?

Monday, July 15, 2013

who run the world ...

Girls. That's not really the gist of this post but I have it as an earworm right now and that song rocks pretty hard - fuckin Beyonce, she's a dame! Enough of that and more 'winning' as that's what Elloise from Jazz Lips and Tulips had done - a package of reread niceties will be on its way to the land of the long white cloud. You should check out her blog it's delightful and full of lovely pics like this one!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Saturday, 13 July ... Market wrap

Yesterday's market was my first City Hall foray with the BrisStyle crew and it was a great day. The new refurbished rooms at City Hall look great, beautiful big ol' classic spaces - such a great venue for things that have been made by hand with love. If you've not yet been the next one will be on Saturday, 10 August - check out the website for more details

My little stall...

Cute softie dolls from Rod n Lil
The inside of the Sherwood room


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

win some cool reread stuff .. woot!

Only three sleeps until my next market, the BrisStyle indie Market at City Hall. To share the love I'm running a quick 'share' giveaway to win a package of reread loveliness including handmade gift tags and cards - made from vintage children's books - a brooch and some (new) reread bunting made from vintage linen and calico.

Just share! To enter you can tweet this post, share it on Facebook, tweet the image (or any reread image) or Instagram it, pin it on Pinterest or add it to We Heart It - use either #reread or @reread and leave a comment on this post to let me know you've entered. Easy ...


Sunday, July 7, 2013

make your own soy milk even better ...

I wrote a post on how to make your own soy milk last week and since then I've been fiddling with the recipe to make it taste less 'beany' and basically more like the store bought stuff. I am getting there thanks to Google and a few other soy bean bloggers. I followed the same process as the last post I just added a few chickpeas to soak overnight and when I whizz up the beans I added a half cup of oats. I strained the milk before I simmered it and I added a tablespoon of malt (OMG yum), a pinch of salt and a 1/4 of a calcium tablet (it's just calcium carbonate). So far so good...

Friday, July 5, 2013

BrisStyle Markets coming soon, do you need a basket?

Another lovely BrisStyler who will be at the BrisStyle Indie Market on Saturday, 13 July in City Hall (Brisbane) is the lovely rope girl Zillpa. You can find her very pretty things here on Etsy ... 

Vietnamese coffee, yes please

For anyone who's travel in Vietnam, Laos and other south east Asaian countries, you'll know and love cà phê sữa đá ... the condended milk, the sweet, buttery coffee - so good. So much so that I like to have it at home too. You can buy the phins online or at most Asaian supermarkets and I buy my coffee online (from eBay).

Thursday, July 4, 2013

My market buds, each to own

My next market is the BrisStyle Indie Market on July 13 from 9am - 2pm - Ground Floor, Brisbane City Hall, Ann St Brisbane City. Lots of the BrisStyle crafty peeps will be there too, one such arty farty type is Each To Own. See her pretty stuff on her Etsy shop over here or Made It here. You can totes like her on Faceidiot over here ...

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It's rice, it's wild

I am a sucker for new shit in the supermarket. I saw this new rice, obscenely priced, called Rice Plus at my local Woolies. Of course I bought some as it was on special and, well, it was new. It was really quite nice, good texture and lots of grains ... so being the depression era bottling, preserving, make it yourself nana I've become of late I decide to just make it myself. Piece of piss!

You need a mix of brown rice, white basmati, pearled barley, quinoa, red basmati, black rice and black sesame seeds - the store bought Rice Plus also contains the CSIRO's BARLEYmax which you can't currently buy separately as a whole grain. 

Store the your rice mix a a big glass jar, a passata jar does the job nicely. As the grains are mostly whole, cooking takes a little longer than white rice - I simmer it for about 25 minutes and get a lovely 'popping' (it kind of pops in your mouth) rice base for metaballs or whatever other yummy thing you're having for dinner.

'cute' up the lid and add a tag for a handmade (and cheap) gift...

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

little tags ... tagged

I've been making so many of these little tags ... I'm getting ready for my next market! It's been a while but I'm back in to gear and on the market war path ... I'll see you at the next BrisStyle Indie Market on July 13 from 9am - 2pm - Ground Floor, Brisbane City Hall, Ann St Brisbane City.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Make your own soy milk ...

It's surprisingly easy to make your own soy milk and cheaper to boot. I love the Bonsoy stuff, but at more than $4 for a litre it's too expensive to be chowing down at a rate of soy drinking knots. To get started you need dried soy beans, some water and some time. I bought my soy beans from an Asian supermarket in the Valley for $2.29 - bargain.
  1. soak the beans overnight I use about one cup of dried beans
  2. next morning while your mister (or missus) is making you breakfast replace the water in the bowl with hot water and rub the crap out of the beans to remove the skins - this takes some time, but it's quite cathartic and dunking your hands in steaming hot water on a cold winter morning is pretty nice!
  3. once you've got as much of the skin off as you can - blend - in about two or three batches blend with 1.5L of water - whizz up it
  4. boil the lovely white frothy mixture for about two minutes, then simmer for half an hour, up to 45 minutes
  5. strain the mixture into a bowl or jar - I used a piece of linen from my sewing supplies, no need to buy fancy cheese cloth - you can use a clean teatowel too
  6. taste and add anything you like to sweeten or flavour - I added a a few drops of vanilla and a teaspoon of fruit sugar... and you're done!
You can use the leftover okara (soy bean pulp) to make some yummy dinners ... so it's win, win - you get soy milk for your tea and a dinner base all for about 50 cents! 

Tip - use a glass jar to keep it in - so much food comes in lovely glass jars and often they are just thrown out - I am migrating all my rice, pasta, etc to pretty recycled glass jars, they look much better in the pantry. I used a passata jar - the lid still smelled quite strongly so I swapped it for a jam lid - mix and match the lids. 

skinned beans... 

cooking on the stove...

the finished product and the left over okara... 

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