Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It's rice, it's wild

I am a sucker for new shit in the supermarket. I saw this new rice, obscenely priced, called Rice Plus at my local Woolies. Of course I bought some as it was on special and, well, it was new. It was really quite nice, good texture and lots of grains ... so being the depression era bottling, preserving, make it yourself nana I've become of late I decide to just make it myself. Piece of piss!

You need a mix of brown rice, white basmati, pearled barley, quinoa, red basmati, black rice and black sesame seeds - the store bought Rice Plus also contains the CSIRO's BARLEYmax which you can't currently buy separately as a whole grain. 

Store the your rice mix a a big glass jar, a passata jar does the job nicely. As the grains are mostly whole, cooking takes a little longer than white rice - I simmer it for about 25 minutes and get a lovely 'popping' (it kind of pops in your mouth) rice base for metaballs or whatever other yummy thing you're having for dinner.

'cute' up the lid and add a tag for a handmade (and cheap) gift...

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