Monday, August 12, 2013

I've been to Bail too

Yeah, about that. So we recently took a week-long holiday on the island if Bali with ten bazillion of our countrymen - also throw in the French, Russians, Chinese tour groups and a few Spaniards for good measure. I've travelled most of South East Asia so I kind of knew what I was up for, but this time I really just wasn't 'up' for for it. 

We had some good food, some nice $5 cocktails and met some funny locals but all in all it left me a little tired and a little disappointed in the human race in general. The magnitude at which we are fucking things up is a bit soul destroying quite frankly. 

Between the great unwashed tourist hoards who assume everything is for sale and an economy that sees the little guy hawking trinkets while the big guy take a cut from everyone's piece of pie - I would say Bali has lost its charm and probably its innocence. 

If anything, travelling makes you see things in a different light and it sure helps you appreciate the little things. We have it pretty lucky here and I'm grateful for that.

Sour puss rant aside ... here are some of the nice things from a week in Bali

Last day on Legian Beach ... he bought me a pony.

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