Sunday, September 1, 2013

Collage, you're doing it wrong

I want to buy a nice print, I typed in 'collage' to Etsy. Ugh, the amount of crap I had to sift through to find some actual art. Etsy seems to be flooded by sellers who think that putting a digitally printed elephant onto a book page is collage - it's not, and your art is just one of millions (of bad) items that are getting all up in my Etsy grills. Why can't people be original? Do Etsy 'beige' sellers shit you too?

People shit me. I did find some nice collage, it's cool and it's actually original art (I hope) in order they are; ARTintersect, dadadreams and Hagarastuff.

1 comment:

Dadadreams said...

I'm glad you like my collage. Yes, the postcard is an original. I do have a few prints in my shop but almost everything is an original.
~Michelle (dadadreams)

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