Sunday, September 22, 2013

I can't give it away, birthday present take two

I can't part with the bunny nightlight I bought yesterday, so I took myself along to Ipswich Road for some op-shopping and some handmade goodness. I found a lovely shop I've not seen before 'Betty's Shop' - I scored a cute Japanese miso plate/bowl set for only ten dollars. Then I went bit ape shit in Handmade Highsteet and bought some presents and more things for me ... I kind of had to, they were so cute.

Oops, left the price tag on ... 

vintage postcards ... my next post will show you what these have become

more vintage postcards ...

The next edition ... will make for a good Sunday arvo read

Some for me, some for the birthday girl 

I have one of these in green ... love it

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