Sunday, September 29, 2013

Shady Palms Cafe

Yum! We are two of Brisbane's fussiest breakfast gourmands going and so many cafes we've been to latley have just missed the mark - not this one. After a 18km ride on the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail (we went in the AMs but it was stil so hot) we were pretty hungry - eat the arse out of a low flying duck kind of hungry. For some reason the Shady Palms Cafe popped into my mind so I Googled it and we stopped in on the way home. 

We were after lunch, but it was only 11am so the breakfast menu was still on order - fear not hungry brunchers - the Shady Palms has your needs covered - in chimichurri sauce. We ordered the  pulled pork soft tacos with chimmichurri and the arepas. It was seriously good, it was delicious, I will go there again, you need to go there. Unfortunately today a very dead possum was festering away in the 30 degree heat nearby and wafts of putrefying mammal came in and out with the breeze - but even this didn't put me off.

I didn't have a camera and felt like too much of an arse-hat to instagram my brunch so I have borrowed some other clever peeps' pics for this post - link to the original source from the image.

The tacos ... oh yum!
Love this table from recycled timber - we are so making one too (The Street Photographer)
Shady Palms ... thanks Miss Foodie

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Eloise and things said...

Sounds amazing!!

ps. Got your parcel this week! LOVE LOVE LOVE it all! Im doing a post on it so ill let you know when it goes live!


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