Sunday, December 22, 2013

Don’t give stupid this Christmas

The power of ‘give’. That’s what Myer is toting this festive season and it’s a nice line. Except that it is the kind of materialist ‘give’ that totally gets my festive goat this time of year. 

Why give just because it’s Christmas? Why give your in-laws a kitchen gadget they’ll use once and then throw out or put away never to make another air-popped snack again? When I saw the ‘power of give’ ads on TV my first thought was ‘fucking bollocks’ followed closely by ‘landfill’ and then ‘what could that money be better spent on?’

In the manic orgy that is last-minute Christ-idiot-mass preparations, I see people filling trolleys with food for feasts and a whole heap of crap they don’t need. But it’s Christmas so I must buy you gifts to prove my; 1. love for you 2. generousity of spirit.

This year, I’m bah humbugging it up a notch. Not only am I continuing on my tradition of losing my shit in Woolworths and muttering ‘I hate Christmas, I hate everyone in this store right now’ but I’m going to giftwrap nothing – nada- zip.

By nothing I mean no gizmos, no hotdog makers, no chintzy jewellery, no delightfully fizzy bath bombs, no naa-zing.

I will however take Myer up on their ‘power of give’ by buying nothing from their store and spending my money on the actual power of give. Sorry Bernie I know you’re already worried about all those people with disabilities taking your money!
Through Oxfam you can give a family in need a goat or a duck ... 
who wouldn't want a duck for Xmas, seriously!

In 2013 I donated to ovarian cancer through Frocktober, cervical cancer through the UQ Diamantina Institute, this guy who got dealt a shitty hand, the Asthma Foundation and probably some others I can’t remember. You donated too (you’re awesome) - a $2 raffle ticket a pin for legacy and so on and so forth. In 2012 we (Australians) were the best givers – boo yah! But we’re down to 7th place now, but don’t be sad that’s still pretty good. 

I’m no Chuck Feeney, I don’t have millions to give away (what an awesome guy, seriously) but my $10 here and $5 there adds up and can make a difference. Giving actually makes you feel good, that’s Christmasy - happy faces.

I mostly donate to research, as clever people who work their arse off to help people who have shitty, shitty things like cancer inspire me. A few science boffins who I’m crushing on right now include Ian Frazer and Goli Samimi. Ian is the guy who helped engineer Gardasil, the HPV vaccine against cervical cancer and Goli is working on the world's first early detection test for ovarian cancer.

I also like these guys over at Thank You, they have pretty tasty muesli bars that are good for people like me who go all weird and fainty if I don’t have enough breakfast and someone in need gets breakfast too.

Who inspires you and how would your donation help more than a yonana? Seriously, I so nearly bought this yesterday.

Scientists are amazing - they help cure cancer and breed unicorns in captivity.

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