Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pom poms and pretty things

I don't want this little guy to bored shitless while he is in his bassinet, so I've been making 'interesting' things for him to look at. Today I made a little pom pom mobile with some tapestry wool and a wooden frame from a cross-stitch hoop. 

It's very pretty and 'dangles' very nicely. You can see the lovely liner I made in the background ... if you have a Rozibaby bassinet I sell them over here on Made It.

The new fabric that arrived in the mail ... ready to sew into new liners!

A few little gifts I made to send to friends.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sooooooo over it

38 and a bit weeks and I am so over this being up the duff gig. Really, those women who say how much they love being pregnant ... WTF? I can't wait to sleep on my stomach again and roll over in an unhindered and non-walrus-like manner. This is nature's way of getting women psychologically ready to march defiantly toward the inevitable god-awfulness of giving birth - we're just so fucking over by now we don't care. 

I also really want a drink ... you have no idea how good a cold glass of sav blanc looks right now. I did get a free scone today though, not quite a glass of vino but it was good. We went to the UNE Booloominbah open day to have a look at the beautiful old building. I love walking around university campuses - it always makes me feel better that there are people pursuing education and learning. Sometimes you need your faith in humanity restored after reading too many f*wit Facebook posts about how drinking four glasses of water first thing in the morning for 180 days will cure cancer. CURE cancer. OMFG. Anyhoo, here are some pretty pictures of the amazing old building.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

More sewing ... lots of sitting

I can't be arsed to get out the house much at the moment ... mostly as we live at the top of a hill and walking back up it is excruciating at the moment. So I spend my day sewing, eating things straight from the fridge, looking in the cupboard for something more exciting than Vita Wheats and talking to the dog (who really needs a bath). Luckily my sewing room is really lovely to sit in.

Newest addition to my Rozibaby bassinet liners ... they're listed in my Etsy shop. 
Another new liner ...

Thursday, December 4, 2014


The weekend before last we took one last trip to the beach (just the two of us) ... kind of like a baby moon, but not as wanky! We stayed in a really cool beach tent - glamping - it's the only kind of camping I will do. We walked up Mutton Bird Island, had a fancy dinner, slept in and went swimming at Sawtell. It was so nice, I really neat to go back, I miss the salty air and the humidity! 

Once we got back, he went back to work and I got back to sewing (poor me!) I have made heaps of the Rozibaby liners to put on Etsy and Made It - I really need to make some more just for me. 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

A little grey and blue liner

Another liner! Once you've done something a few times you get on a real roll and it's pretty easy to churn a heap out. I've so got these down pat now. I'm tempted to go buy some more pretty fabrics.

Thursday, November 27, 2014


The first few Rozibaby bassinet liners are ready to go and listed in my Etsy shop. It's hard to find a really good spot to take great photos in this house ... I'll keep working on it.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

bassinet liners from the stash

I have so much fabric in my stash I really need to make things with it before I go buying more. So I've been making little fitted sheets and baby stuff for our imminent arrival (due very soon!) - now that I've got the pattern and technique sorted, I've been making 'good ones' to sell on Etsy and Made It. Our kid will have to make do with all the prototypes - pretty sure he won't be inspecting the stitching though.

My lovely mum bought us a Rozibaby pram - it's like the the nice imported car I never had (I currently drive a ute). It's quite lovely, and I don't want to ruin the mattress straight up so I made a liner with some of my Westwood Acres and Marimekko fabric.

It turned out to be very cute and looks great in the bassinet. I'll list a few that I've made this week.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Foxy planter, disgusting dog

Tuesday. I've just taken the hound for a walk, she went for a swim in the creek and came home smelling like duck shit, so she had to have a bath - not fun for anyone. So, here's something nice - a cute little ceramic foxy planter from Kotori on Made It. 

Cute planter from Kotori on Made It

Disgusting dog post bath - hates having a bath, loves swimming in putrid water?

Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday Made It

I have finally popped some of my cards back up on Made It after a long hiatus. I love Made It, it's like Etsy but with Australian makers and creators. This week I'll be posting about some lovely (and cheap) Made It finds - just in time for Stupidmas :)

How cute is this little 'rainy day brooch set' - and it's only $5! 

Faux Lauren baby pants

I bought a really nice Polo by Ralph Lauren shirt at Lifeline, but it was too big for the Mr so I turned the shirt into a pair of tiny pants! It was super easy, I just traced a pair of baby leggings size 000 and using jus two pattern pieces I made these simple elastic-waist pants. 

I added the label at the back and added two of the buttons at the front to finish them off. I'll make another pair and take some photos so I can add a tutorial in the next post.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Danish and stuff ...

I bought a silly Danish cradle. It was kind of expensive, and will only last max six months - but it's hell cute, so I don't really care. I's all set up now and I'm making fitted sheets from thrifted fabric and also some new duck cotton I scored quite cheap. Yesterday Spotlight opened in Armidale (where I'm living at the moment) and every ovulating/pregnant woman within a 100km radius was there. It was like we could smell it - the sweet scent of discount fabrics. I got about 10 meters of really nice linen, cotton and muslin for about $50. Now I just need to wait for the sun to get a little lower on the horizon so it's not so bloody hot and I can get sewing.

The Leander Cradle with a little mobile I made.
The lambskin was only $20 on eBay, gave it a wash and it's as good as new.

Made from an op-shop cross-stitch hoop, a men's business shirt and thrifted buttons, trims etc.
I crocheted the little raindrops with some cotton yarn.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Little balls

I've been craving crappy food, like ice cream, christmas pudding and laminations. Probably shouldn't be hoovering up vast quantities of sugary goodness right now so I made some nut balls to fool myself in the treats department. 

Prunes, nuts, oats, a tablespoon of rice syrup and a a big whack of cocoa and these little guys hit the spot.  I'd still run over a nana for a real rum ball, but for now I'll stick to these faux balls. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Another sewing project! I have always loved those beautiful old woollen blankets with the patchwork design - itchy but very pretty. They are really cheap from the op-shop, especially as summer is coming. I am going to make some little blankets to add to my Etsy shop, so I made a demo ... my kid will get all the demos!

I used the blanket for the back and some duck cotton in fluro pink chevron for the top, and binding from a vintage sheet. I quilted it along the chevron zig zags and found that tacking the two bits of fabric together first stops it from bunching up and moving - even with a walking foot.   

For the next one I'll use a lighter colour quilting thread as the grey is too contrasting and I'll sew the binding to the top side and hand stitch the bottom, as it looks neater this way.

Friday, October 24, 2014

And, I'm back

Long time between posts, I've been busy turning food into a human. However, now that I'm on leave I have time to sew, cook, blog and watch as much Bold & Beautiful as I please. On the B&B front, not much has happened since I last caught a glimpse of Brooke and Ridge in 2013. Not sure what's going on, but there is a lot of marriage talk and they all seemed to be on a boat in the Mediterranean. 

On a much less dramatic note, I've been op-shopping and making a list of things I need to make for the future poo-machine and also to sell on Etsy. I've been neglecting my poor Etsy shop (as well as this blog). So first cab off the rank is a bunch of one-piece baby quilts. I made one back in April and gifted it to a friend, this is number two. It's made from Japanese linen, calico and very thin cotton batting. I really like the colours. I think I'll make the next one from vintage fabric as I've found a few nice cotton bedsheets that will quilt up well.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Quilty crafty Sunday

I am in the mood for sewing, cooking, sunshine and craft - so it's a good thing I've got five days off (then another long weekend after only two days back at work). I took myself off to Spotlight with the other million people who decided to do exactly the same thing on a Saturday and got some cute fabric.

I also got myself an 'spare' sewing machine - as my old 1970s Husqvarna needs a service real bad. So for $139, I got a basic Elna with a five-year warranty, which is pretty good I thought. It sews ok, I really just need it to sew plain stitch in a line, but the difference in quality is so obvious. It's just cheap looking and feeling and I don't like the way the bobbin spools. The Husqy is so much better.

If you're looking for a machine, a retro Elna or Husqvarna is the go - and they look cool!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

stamps, post a letter quick smart

So the price of posting a letter to yo mumma is going up - from 31 March the 60 cent stamp will make way for the new 70 cent postage stamp. So if you've been meaning to write someone a letter, post a card or just send a random item under 500g and no more than 20mm thick then it's your time to shine. 

Get posting people ... use up those 60 cent stamps and share some 'ohh mail' love. Everyone loves getting mail. Start your own 'Happy Mail'  project or just write to your nan.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

international women's day 2014

One woman is killed every week in Australia by a current or former partner - Australian Institute of Criminology. Read more about taking a stand against domestic violence here.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Why are we waiting ...

Slowly dehydrating. So, I bought a dehydrator. Not your $79 round Kenbrook model, I went all out, lentil-eater-mental and bought an Excalibur (they're over $300 eek). It's part of my 'take your lunch to work' ethos - and I'm trying to stick to it. 

I have been buying fruit leather to snack on, but it's so expensive, especially the stuff that's 100% fruit. The day my new gadget arrived I took myself off to the fruit barn and purchased a crap-load of cheap fruit to make into leather and also to dry. 

So far so good ... mango is my favourite, but peeling and slicing it is a bitch! I might try berries next as they shrivel up nice and sweet and chewy.

Apples and a strawberry and yoghurt leather...

the apples after drying and some banana...

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

pickle, pickle, pickle

I love pickles. I've done a pickled tour of the Trans Siberian - which entailed eating pickles and seeing pickled communist despots. So I was pleased when I recently tried my hand at making lacto-fermented vegetables.

I saw a post on Facebook from my arty-farty aunty (that's a compliment in my family, we're a very arty-farty lot) and I just knew those Fowler's jars I scored from the Tip Shop were worth the 50 cents each I paid for them. 

I took a little advice from here and then some from here - and then basically just sort of made it up along the way ... three days later I was snacking on carrot and daikon pickle as an accompaniment to homemade mutton dumplings. It's delicious, crisp and smells a little bit like fart when you open the jar. You need to try it.

Carrot and daikon lacto-fermented pickle ... 
  • 3 carrots 
  • one daikon
  • spices (whole) if you're that way inclined 
  • a tub of yoghurt (you only need a tbls of whey from the top)
  • salt (not iodised)
  • water
  • cider vinegar - can be omitted.
Peel and dice the carrots and daikon (you can get these at most fruit barns or markets) and add to a sterilised glass jar - fill the jar about 80%.

Add any spices you want - I used black mustard seeds and some slices of ginger.

Dissolve salt in water - I used 1 big tablespoon per No. 31 Fowler's jar - the water should be salty, not too salty you can't drink it without your eyeballs receding into your skull, but salty.

Use a tea towel or muslin cloth over a glass to collect the whey - just tip the top of the yoghurt tub into the cloth and it will drip through - it's clear and kind of goopy - add about 1 tbls to the salty water.

Fill the jar with your brine/whey mix (you can add a dash of vinegar if you like vinegary things) and seal with clingwrap and then pop on the lid and let sit in for two-three days. Keep them in the coolest part of your kitchen.

A few days later - crack the seal, smell that fermented farty goodness and chow down!    

My pickles ... and some more pickle porn from Pinterest here...

Peppered pickled carrots here ...

Dill pickles here ...

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