Wednesday, January 8, 2014

pickle, pickle, pickle

I love pickles. I've done a pickled tour of the Trans Siberian - which entailed eating pickles and seeing pickled communist despots. So I was pleased when I recently tried my hand at making lacto-fermented vegetables.

I saw a post on Facebook from my arty-farty aunty (that's a compliment in my family, we're a very arty-farty lot) and I just knew those Fowler's jars I scored from the Tip Shop were worth the 50 cents each I paid for them. 

I took a little advice from here and then some from here - and then basically just sort of made it up along the way ... three days later I was snacking on carrot and daikon pickle as an accompaniment to homemade mutton dumplings. It's delicious, crisp and smells a little bit like fart when you open the jar. You need to try it.

Carrot and daikon lacto-fermented pickle ... 
  • 3 carrots 
  • one daikon
  • spices (whole) if you're that way inclined 
  • a tub of yoghurt (you only need a tbls of whey from the top)
  • salt (not iodised)
  • water
  • cider vinegar - can be omitted.
Peel and dice the carrots and daikon (you can get these at most fruit barns or markets) and add to a sterilised glass jar - fill the jar about 80%.

Add any spices you want - I used black mustard seeds and some slices of ginger.

Dissolve salt in water - I used 1 big tablespoon per No. 31 Fowler's jar - the water should be salty, not too salty you can't drink it without your eyeballs receding into your skull, but salty.

Use a tea towel or muslin cloth over a glass to collect the whey - just tip the top of the yoghurt tub into the cloth and it will drip through - it's clear and kind of goopy - add about 1 tbls to the salty water.

Fill the jar with your brine/whey mix (you can add a dash of vinegar if you like vinegary things) and seal with clingwrap and then pop on the lid and let sit in for two-three days. Keep them in the coolest part of your kitchen.

A few days later - crack the seal, smell that fermented farty goodness and chow down!    

My pickles ... and some more pickle porn from Pinterest here...

Peppered pickled carrots here ...

Dill pickles here ...


megan said...

Oh! These look amazing...and have made me laugh!

K.D. Williams said...

Oh, just what I needed. I hear fermenting vegetables is the best way to get the nutrients. I've been trying to figure out how to do it. Now, that I found a blog that showed me, I have no excuse lol.

Author of Rise of Oliria

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