Sunday, April 20, 2014

Quilty crafty Sunday

I am in the mood for sewing, cooking, sunshine and craft - so it's a good thing I've got five days off (then another long weekend after only two days back at work). I took myself off to Spotlight with the other million people who decided to do exactly the same thing on a Saturday and got some cute fabric.

I also got myself an 'spare' sewing machine - as my old 1970s Husqvarna needs a service real bad. So for $139, I got a basic Elna with a five-year warranty, which is pretty good I thought. It sews ok, I really just need it to sew plain stitch in a line, but the difference in quality is so obvious. It's just cheap looking and feeling and I don't like the way the bobbin spools. The Husqy is so much better.

If you're looking for a machine, a retro Elna or Husqvarna is the go - and they look cool!

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