Tuesday, November 25, 2014

bassinet liners from the stash

I have so much fabric in my stash I really need to make things with it before I go buying more. So I've been making little fitted sheets and baby stuff for our imminent arrival (due very soon!) - now that I've got the pattern and technique sorted, I've been making 'good ones' to sell on Etsy and Made It. Our kid will have to make do with all the prototypes - pretty sure he won't be inspecting the stitching though.

My lovely mum bought us a Rozibaby pram - it's like the the nice imported car I never had (I currently drive a ute). It's quite lovely, and I don't want to ruin the mattress straight up so I made a liner with some of my Westwood Acres and Marimekko fabric.

It turned out to be very cute and looks great in the bassinet. I'll list a few that I've made this week.

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