Sunday, November 2, 2014


Another sewing project! I have always loved those beautiful old woollen blankets with the patchwork design - itchy but very pretty. They are really cheap from the op-shop, especially as summer is coming. I am going to make some little blankets to add to my Etsy shop, so I made a demo ... my kid will get all the demos!

I used the blanket for the back and some duck cotton in fluro pink chevron for the top, and binding from a vintage sheet. I quilted it along the chevron zig zags and found that tacking the two bits of fabric together first stops it from bunching up and moving - even with a walking foot.   

For the next one I'll use a lighter colour quilting thread as the grey is too contrasting and I'll sew the binding to the top side and hand stitch the bottom, as it looks neater this way.

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