Tuesday, September 1, 2015

reread is not reading much anymore!

My little guy is a bit over eight months old and I have posted here about three times since he was born because, busy! OMG, I had visions of me sewing with a wee little baby napping or playing by my side while I enjoyed my maternity leave. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ...

So after not sewing, and often not even brushing my hair I don't have much time for blogging, but I do have time for Atticus. He's such a treasure (and is currently on the tail end of a 1.5 hour nap boo yah!) we play on the rug outside, read silly books, take aimless pram walks and eat lots of blueberries and shredded wheatmeal biscuits. Motherhood is not what I expected - it's better most times and worse sometimes. He's getting a little more independent now - as in I can pee by myself - so I think there may be a few sewing, crafting, reading hours on the horizon. 

Good, good, not so good!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

morning cocoa

Being a breastfeeding mother I am avoiding or limiting a few things I previously enjoyed with much gusto - wine and coffee being on the top of my hit list. I still drink coffee, maybe two or three a week when I'm out and I time my 'wine window' so I can throw back a pinot with dinner a few nights a week. 

I thought I would make it to four months maximum with the whole breastfeeding thing, but turns out I actually quite like it and I will stick it out for six months exclusive and then probably up to a year. 

It's quite satisfying being able to produce little cartons of baby food with your jubblies, so I'm going all earth mother and eating and drinking things to help turn me from regular dairy to top-shelf guernsey. First cab off the rank is a morning cocoa. No sugar, just a heaped teaspoon of pure cocoa powder in boiling water and some milk - it's delicious and probably better than a morning coffee - although it still has caffeine. I feel like it's helping (it's got flavonoids in it, so hey it must be good right?) although it may just be the placebo effect. Next up fennel seeds and boobie bikkies ... 


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I literally just cut my baby out of his onesie

I’m typing this one-handed. I have my five-week-old in one arm giving me the stink eye while he nurses. He’s dressed in an adorbs onesie with little foxes all over it. The suit has about three million poppers that had to be done up while he screamed and kicked, as both my partner and I attempted to put him into his outfit. 

About three and a half minutes prior to this my partner called bullshit on the Bonds EasySuit and stated “you need to go get some scissors, we going to have to cut him outta this.” Yes, we actually just cut our newborn out of an outfit that we managed to get halfway on before he turned that crazy-ass red/purple colour and his eyes went full ‘chucky doll’ on us. Why, for the love of false idols everywhere, do they make baby clothes so stupid?

The answer is hormones and idiocy. Hello hormones, thank you idiocy.  Prior to the birth of our bundle of joy I went a little soft in the head and gathered a very large assortment of sweet, and wonderfully cute baby clothes to feather my nest with. Sailor suits, overalls, baby jeggings, you name it – because OMFG how cute are baby clothes!?

We were gifted hand-me-downs and new outfits from expensive shops with names that sound like a shade of paint you’d paint you house with, oh so many cute little things! I was prepared, and we were to have the best dressed little chap in town. Awesome parenting – check.

I would often go into the nursery and do a ‘tiny outfit stocktake’ just to delight in;
1. how wonderful my taste is and,
2. to imagine my bonny boy dressed in his best outfits for photos and visits.
You could almost hear the ovaries pop each time I handled the tiny clothes. Just like big people clothes, but for tiny babies.

And that, is wherein lies the problem.

You see babies, unlike big people, generally get dressed while on their back, kicking and wailing. The combination of frantically flailing limbs with a scream that makes you think their little head might actually pop off if you don’t hurry the F up, makes doing things like putting an EasySuit on NOT easy.

Our saviour has been those swaddles with the two-way zipper – essentially a bag. We dress our baby in a bag. But now as he lies here (currently asleep) quietly farting into my hand, I look at him in his little outfit and melt, he looks so darn cute in this onesie with the foxes. I really should buy this in the next size up.    

Easy baby outfit = singlet and nappy

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