Wednesday, March 25, 2015

morning cocoa

Being a breastfeeding mother I am avoiding or limiting a few things I previously enjoyed with much gusto - wine and coffee being on the top of my hit list. I still drink coffee, maybe two or three a week when I'm out and I time my 'wine window' so I can throw back a pinot with dinner a few nights a week. 

I thought I would make it to four months maximum with the whole breastfeeding thing, but turns out I actually quite like it and I will stick it out for six months exclusive and then probably up to a year. 

It's quite satisfying being able to produce little cartons of baby food with your jubblies, so I'm going all earth mother and eating and drinking things to help turn me from regular dairy to top-shelf guernsey. First cab off the rank is a morning cocoa. No sugar, just a heaped teaspoon of pure cocoa powder in boiling water and some milk - it's delicious and probably better than a morning coffee - although it still has caffeine. I feel like it's helping (it's got flavonoids in it, so hey it must be good right?) although it may just be the placebo effect. Next up fennel seeds and boobie bikkies ... 


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