Thursday, February 11, 2016

Finally time for finger food

We recently started having dinner with our little guy at about 6:30pm. Before this we were feeding him, then walking, then bathing, then bed time, then cooking dinner and wind-down with wine Netflix. This was not working well, as he goes to bed later than one-year-olds in 'the books' (about 8:30pm) and his dinner time was a massive struggle and really just 'dead' time while we tried to entertain and feed him.  

Now as soon as Dad gets home we have dinner together (this means I need to have some sort of shit together and have prepared dinner) and then go for an ergo walk. This is working so much better, and I've been making double dinners so I can freeze half and get a day 'off' next week. On the days I don't need to make a dinner I make him cool baby foods. Who is this person I've become?

I made these date balls yesterday, they are super easy and you don't really need to think/measure. I used; 
  • half a 500g bag of dates (squish them before you put them in the food processor as some still have the seeds) 
  • a handful of turkish dried apricots, 
  • a squirt of honey, 
  • about 2 tbls of coconut, 
  • a heaped tbls of cocoa powder, 
  • and small handful of oats. 
  • Whizz it up until it turns into a huge ball in the food processor. 
  • Roll into little balls and shake them in a lunchbox with a few spoonfuls of coconut flour - best way to coat them!

We Instagram all our food here.

The ginger approves.
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