Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day, so many feels, so many crappy gifts

This is my seconds Mother's Day and my little guy is almost one and a half. He is much more fun than he was last Mother's Day! I am happy to admit I didn't overly love the newborn stage, or even the six month stage ... pretty much right up until about one I felt like a warm-blooded zombie with a vaporous soul. He was a handful, he was fucking adorable, but he was really a handful. He stopped drinking milk at about nine months, he didn't like to be put down - ever, he found napping hard and he didn't sleep though the night until his first birthday. OMFG!

Saying all that, we had good times, so many good time (I have the instagram pics to prove it to myself), and his dad has been amazing throughout. He reminds me all the time that I'm a great mum and that my job is as important as his (he has a pretty important kinda job) when I get feel guilty for being a stay-at-home mum. 

The shops have been gearing up big-time for Mother's Day, with glossy catalogues of all the things we mums love - robes, slippers, mugs? 

I always thought the days was a total wank and really just a Hallmark holiday - and it is - but now that I'm a mum I've gone all soft in the head or something. I am actually looking forward to my first craptacular little gift made with love by little hands. A card with pasta stuck to the front or a blob of clay, I am already getting all sentimental about how sweet it will be. 

Today I got a rock. He loves coming up to me at the park with things and putting them in my hand while saying what they are. Such a little sweetie pie.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Three ingredients baked bean dinner!

My little eater is turing into a bit of a fusspot. He started out with baby-lead-weaning eating broccoli, broad beans, scrambled eggs. But now he mostly eats bananas, papadums and cheese! So easy, healthy finger foods are my friends right now.

He'll eat bread, croissants and muffins so I've been putting vegetables etc. in muffins to get him to eat some good stuff. Last night I couldn't be bothered waiting for him to try, and then throw baked beans on the floor so I put them in a muffin mix and hey presto - he ate them!

Super easy - I used a 220g of baked beans, 1/2 cup of self raising wholemeal flour and one egg. Mixed it up and popped it into main muffin pan. 10 minutes later they were ready. I even ate some. If you have a fussy eater who likes finger foods you need to try this!

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