Sunday, August 21, 2016

You will be "that" parent one day

You know that parent. That guy on the bus with a screeching toddler in peak hour. That young couple changing their kid’s nappy on a picnic table while you are trying to enjoy a BBQ with your friends. That lady in Coles choosing tomato sauce while her four-year-old lies in the middle of the aisle having an epic meltdown.

Before you had kids you were like ‘ugh, that will never be me’, now you’re just like ‘I feel your pain, I’ve been there too’. Welcome to That Club, it’s like Club Med but when they say ‘a world of playgrounds’ they mean the kind with beaches, sand, and mojitos. Your club has sand, but it comes home from said playground in your kid’s bum crack.

It’s a cool club though and you know you’re in it the first time you are that parent.

It’s that time you decided it would be a super idea to take your tiny baby to an art galley café for lunch. Or the time you and your partner made an executive decision to throw out the onesie in the Westfield change room and take your half naked babe to H&M for new duds. You feel the panic rise in you, but then you get a look, a nod or a smile and you know you’re not alone, you’re in the club and it’s going to be OK.

This club has benefits. People in their cars stop for you while crossing the roundabout, they essentially make a vehicle barrier so you can cross with your pram in complete safety. People will hold the lift for you. The hostesses on Virgin will gush over your sweet, dribbly baby and give you a blanket – OK, the benefits aren’t that crash hot, but there needs to some silver lining to sleepless nights and endless loads of washing right?

So whether you are a newbie or an old hand, at some stage in your parenting journey you will be that parent. If it’s not happened yet it will, embrace it and welcome to the club!

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